“The painting interweaves itself like a tapestry.
It searches expanses and transforms into expanses, condensing colours, strengthening and enhancing their autonomy.”

Prof. Manfred Schneckenburger
quoted from the catalogue
” Susanne Kamps – Paintings 1996 to 2005 ”

The composition has to serve, it fixates the image space,
the colour has to rule, it elevates the painting
via the trivial components of reality
to a piece of art, a dialogue of higher valency.

In this process the colour interlocks real, surreal, dreamy and expressive elements.
The colour is thought and felt simultaneously.”

Prof. Hermann-Josef Kuhna
quoted from the catalogue
” Susanne Kamps – 25 Degrés En Hiver – Paintings 2005 – 2010 “